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OMG XD [26 May 2006|10:18pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I found this on Mahar's LJ, which I found through the extensive, wonderful foaf network.

The three-names-only blank stopped me from writing the whole of the ADS - and by saying that, I seal my fate as unashamed and unspoken, and fortunately or unfortunately, the type of person to admit to anything -, but I'm happy with the results nonetheless. :D

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News Post + AUDC Rambling [22 May 2006|08:49pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Before everything else:

♥ New layout! I temporarily gave up on image maps because they are like, t3h bitch. V1.0, because this is the only version I bothered to name. I heart heart heart the cap on the upper left. It's perfection. I have a feeling that the frame on the upper right isn't bevilled and embossed and shadowed properly, but according to my PSD it is. It's quite disconcerting. oO Oh well. TR Love. OTPness, J&J, knockers and all. Grunge borders by Tackybrush. Icon and coding by yours truly.

♥ New email address! My main websites update me now at You should too.

♥ The USB wire that uploads pictures from my camera is gone. T_T I'll hunt around for one so I can make cocky picture posts, which I assume everyone wants to see omg.

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The day in itself was absolute splendor. We're all going to be squealing surgeons.

Hurrah for Elise listening to pop music and reading gay haiku.

Hurrah for Jess Lopez and his unabashed manifestation of lykpow3r. ♥_♥! Ibilib.

Anyhoo, I, along with Casi, Chrissie (THERE CHRISSIE YAY! X3), and Kat, volunteered ourselves to be runners and/timers. Herding up your teams and escorting them to their respective rooms is funny, but stressful, for me, since I had no idea where the said rooms were. Calling out their team names and waving signs around is comparable to working at a marketplace, possibly even pimping.

I was actually keen on listening the round, motion being This house supports the creation of an independent Kurdistan, partly because I did not know that such a country existed. Sad to say, I wasn't able to understand a word that the debaters said, mostly because of their accents. I timed the round between Yokohama National University and Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), round in favor of UMY.

This kind of thing? Real fun.

Irisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Irisa is Mummy Dearest now. Hug-hug, Mummy Dearest, hug-hug.

Goood thing nothing's happening tomorrow. I'll call about the jackets tomorrow! Tonight, I'm going to sleep late. Shower, read, Pokémon.

Dinner first, dinner first.

"Marshmallows don't talk."

"But how are you going to fall in lust with me if I don't wow you with my sarcasm and dry humor?"
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Merging [20 May 2006|02:38pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

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[15 May 2006|12:18pm]
[ mood | high ]

Puberty is a phase. Fifteen years of rejection is a lifestyle.

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My Lady Del pays a visit. [08 May 2006|05:01pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]


First it was my legs, now my heart is open.Collapse )


I don't know about you, but this stream-of-consciousness thing really helps flush the crap out of the system. \:D/
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OMG TRANSLATE TRANSLATE! [23 Apr 2006|05:45pm]
[ mood | nutters ]

Twincest: Do it loud, do it proud.Collapse )
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Memes [19 Apr 2006|05:13pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

And to celebrate my official return to the Interfwet.Collapse )


To pass the time.Collapse )
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Yeah, yeah, I miss my LJ, yeah yeah. [17 Apr 2006|08:06pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Remember me? <3
Hi, Flist.

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T.T [31 Mar 2006|02:57pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

"What time is this thing of yours?"

"8 am until 5."

"It's already 8:30."

"Fashionably late."


"Are you even sure it's today?"

"Of course I am! I wrote it on my planner ages ago, April 1."


"OH SHIT!!1"



"I'm going to make up for this big time, I swear."

"On Report Card Day?"



"I swear, this will never happen again."

"Given that there will be anymore agains in your future, see to it that it won't."





"So what are you going to do now?"

"Eat and sleep."

"Aren't you going to change first?"

"No, I like the outfit."


"So maybe I will change. But I'm hanging this up for future use."
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BANDWAGON AGAIN YAY! [30 Mar 2006|08:23pm]
Posted here for my further study and ponderance. Props to honest_illusion for enlightening me.

I tried out TrustFlow II for LiveJournal. The following people not on the friends list for ant_ithesis are close by: More results below the cut...Collapse )

Created by ciphergoth; hosted by LShift.

TrustFlow II: Who is closest to your friends list?

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[28 Mar 2006|07:44pm]
[ mood | blah ]


March is so boring. The downside of getting out of school early. Everything goes by so slowly because everyone else is occupied. Lfioamdjglpspo. I can't wait for April. April is when all the fun shit starts.

Now, for the pointless memes, hands down, will always remind me of the Summer of 2006. ♥

In my little world, more updates = less sense.

But it's summer, right? And sense isn't really the point.

Anyway. I've been tagged. I feel loved.

From crazy4this_girl comes a music meme.Collapse )

Hence, teasp_oon, 1wingedpianist, steel_lily09, monnialexis, candy_003, tuffluv and fire_starter90, you have been tagged!


From _stillframe_ comes an emo meme.Collapse )

In turn, I'm tagging theblackdomino, wrong_side_up, dracschick, phantomgirl110, ashwings101, fistfuloftheory and, once you get back, myself_0426. I miss you too! ♥

OMG. Can I just say. MIAKA IS SUCH A BITCH. Hotohori just fought off his beautiful behind for her, and when poor Tamahome gets one little scratch, she goes "OMG NO TAMAHOME!!11". Yeah, because he was the only man out there with shiny swords in the soaking wet. @_@

I'll eat now.
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Humble(d) enough to ask for help, etc, etc. [22 Mar 2006|05:16pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

I've been burdened with an aimless summer job. Part of the job requirement is to survey 100 people on ink and ink refills. Lovers and concubines, this is where you come in. If you would be a dear, download the survey right here, answer it, and email it to me. It's a short, non-invasive, no-brainer survey on ink and ink refills. ( + ) Also, it would help if you redistributed the survey to your friends? ( You have friends, right? ) Just email it back to me as well.


If I can get at least ten a day for the next two weeks, I can go above quota and maybe get a bonus(!!!).



Also, the theme of stagestillness's latest icon challenge is Phantom-Meets-Anberlin. Icons are purdy. Interested parties, click here to view and vote. ;)


In other news, my new layout. It's dedicated to _stillframe_ and theblackdomino, in the spirit of If you can't beat 'em, cooperate with 'em like hell. Reluctantly, I still love those two. But bitterness aside, it's really spiffy. Whoa.


Help me with my stupid-ass job.

More muttering and grumbling ensues.


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[20 Mar 2006|12:48am]
[ mood | excited ]

Summer makes me a sucker for memes.

It's either.

You do this oneCollapse )


this oneCollapse )

Or both. :>

Pleeeeeeeeease? ;3

Preferrably both. Sulitin mo na, slut mehn. ♥

{ she don't eat meat, but she sure like the bone. }
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Stop, cats! [19 Mar 2006|07:57pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Stolen from fire_starter90, who probably stole it from someone else. :D

I'm a brass band.Collapse )

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And hearts semi-colon [17 Mar 2006|09:36pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Ladies and gentlemen, members of this house: I have come to the conclusion that I love my team of eleven to bitsssssssssssssssss, and loathe the fact that I am not built for dancing.

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Defying subtlety. [16 Mar 2006|02:33pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Going through the 364 pictures my Photobucket has proved to be a great time killer. Below the cut, I posted some of the more interesting pictures, two from each of the 19 pages, excluding all the albums, which aren't worth crap. No commentary at all from me. *GASP* Heaven knows how many times I wanted to type OH HOW GAY!, and didn't.

Just pictures. And numbers, but only to note what PB page each picture is found on.

Answer the question: WTF? ROFL. It's so cute, seriously. Fun for the whole family. ♥♥♥



Bah, humbug.Collapse )

In other news, check out my Chichiri-fied layout! Spankin', no da!

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It came today. [14 Mar 2006|08:35pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

It came today. My new used Casio QV-R4 0. ♥ Many thanks to myself_0426 for helping me figure out how to upload them damn pitchers. ( Have fun in whatever Asian country you're going to, love! )

I FINALLY HAVE A DIGICAM OMG YAY! I want a huge-ass photo post to celebrate.

Comment with
three specific things
you want me to
take a picture of. ☺

Note the specific. I want easy picture-taking, not a creative brainstorm. :))

I'll have them up in a few days, or whenever I get enough to make a photo post that is huge-ass. I'll slap anyone who suggests anything dirty. Take this as a chance to see something like the first thing I see upon waking up. ;p But don't ask for that. That was an example. But if you'd still like to know, it's a boring pattern of a boring wall. I want the effect duva achieved here so I can do something like this.

You know, I just want to take pictures.

Guess what?
I have a digicam. ♥♥♥

Malapit na ang Fushigi!
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Summer Reading List { somewhat incomplete + constantly updated } [11 Mar 2006|01:40am]
[ mood | excited ]

For the first time in ever, I am posting my summer reading list. @-)

1) If you have a book you think I'd like, comment with title and author.
2) If you have a copy of any of the books I've listed, comment so I can stalk to your place and borrow it sometime, and maybe hang out with you a bit after that. ;o
3) If you've read any of these books, comment with your thoughts and how you think I'd like it.

As of 03.11.06 ...
Twins by Marcy Dermansky Finished 05.13
Keeping You A Secret by Julie Anne Peters Finished 05.08
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky Finished 05.09
Without You by Anthony Rapp
In The Company Of The Courtesan by Sarah Dunant Finished 03.20
In Lucia's Eyes by Arthur Japin Finished 05.06
The Story of My Life by Giacomo Casanova
Memories Of My Melancholy Whores by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Finished 03.12
One Hundred Years Of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Of Love And Other Demons by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Finished 03.29
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett Finished 05.29
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman Finished 03.15
Stardust by Neil Gaiman
Smokes And Mirrors by Neil Gaiman Finished 05.21
Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami Finished 03.13
Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami Finished 05.31
The Elephant Vanishes by Haruki Murakami Finished 03.23
Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris Finished 05.19
Percolator Papers by Ellwood Hendrick Finished 03.07

Posted on the first day of Summer, this entry will be constantly updated with either books added or titles deleted because they have been read, to be re-posted on the day before school starts.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAPH! [11 Mar 2006|12:45am]
[ mood | flirty ]


Indeed, it was a memorable experience. Definitely one of the highlights of my stupid freshman year. Sporadic lower body movements Dirty dancing is enjoyable with friends. ♥ It'd have been sooooooooooo fun if fistfuloftheory made an appearance. XDDDD

Anyway, it wasn't a waste of evening or outfit. I loved my tie and my beret the most.

Thanks everyone, and tie and beret. ♥

Nexca says it perfectly: No matter where we are or what we're doing, we will find some way to enjoy ourselves somehow, as long as we're together. Followed with the XDDDD

And I got home in time to watch Fushigi Yuugi!

"Oh, man! He's blonde and so cute!"

Haaaaay, Miaka.

And because everyone else is doing it...Collapse )

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I might join your century. [08 Mar 2006|12:21am]
[ mood | amused ]


Certain mammals and certain elements never ever mix. Take rabbits, for example, when brough to saltwater, the sea. Irritated and agitated when exposed to the prickling heat waters, rabbits tend to react impulsively and dramatically. This is most applicable to the bunnies. Bunnies, though cute at times, are very dramatically somber in mood when it comes to sea exposure. If there's one thing a bunny cannot deal with rationally, the usual manner she deals with matters, it is the sea. More intolerant is the bunny to those who love the sea. Accomplice to the crime, which is the sea existing, according to the mind of the bunny. Bunnies, smaller than their rabbit kin, pack a meaner punch, and when this punch is powered by the electromagnetic waves of optometrists and four-star manors in the province, this mean punch becomes fatal, and therefore, the bunny becomes fatal.

This is the thinly disguised narrative of the histrionic coexistence somewhat civil tolerance of one Fatal Bunny and one Sea Lover. Talk about time and confusion colliding.

The nonexistent love story between the two has evolved into a melodramatic epic, involving everyone and everything, meeting at one point or another, blaming Fate when convenient.

To explain the history of a fatal bunny and a sea lover would be almost impossible without consuming at least three McDonald's hot fudge sundaes with extra hot fudge. Unfortunately, I, anachronism, only have half a cup left. Know, though, that the fatal bunny and the sea lover are pitbulls in their own right.

In this, the tale of "Unraveling", we are to join these two lovebugs at a time long past, but easily recalled, during the age when Gaylord Eppiebebs declared a civil war.

Hooked?Collapse )

Public, because of Daph and Sheenskie. :P

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